Season 3

Episode 48: Literal Jibberish

Oct. 3, 2022

Fast forward to minute 20 to get to the soccer. Support the show

Episode 47: Health Check - WARNING!

Sept. 11, 2022

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Episode 46: Hot Brown Pop Culture Town

Aug. 16, 2022

More jibber jabber full of raw grit and authenticity. Support the show

Episode 45: Sergio is Awesome and We Are Wild

July 27, 2022

We talk to Sergio Gonzalez, Goalkeeping coach from Racing Louisville FC, for a little bit. After he leaves, it all goes downhill from there. Support the show

Episode 44: Taco Flavored Soccer Ball Kisses

July 19, 2022

Join us as we go all over the place between tacos, soccer, and all kinds of random shit. Support the show

Episode 43: Featuring Kailey's Dogs

July 11, 2022

Kailey's dogs chime in quite a lot during this one. Support the show

Episode 41: We Podded

May 25, 2022

Kailey tries to jog Hope's and Robin's memories of a specific game. Hope accuses the Ledgehogs of bullying. Robin's niece joins the show for a few minutes. We all channel our inner JD Salinger and run off on several stream-o…

The Episode

April 5, 2022

We eventually talk about soccer. Support the show (

If We're Not Caffeinated, We're Intoxicated

March 3, 2022

Welcome to the Season 3 premiere! I have a couple new podcasting friends who have joined me this year. Since there isn't much to talk about that hasn't already been talked about during preseason, this episode turned out to …